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Scoliosis Treatment In Los Angeles

Is your scoliosis getting worse? Dissatisfied with conventional treatment and looking for non-surgical options for scoliosis treatment in Los Angeles? If so then you’ll want to learn more about our Comprehensive Corrective Movement Scoliosis Treatment in Los Angeles.

If you’re unhappy with what limited treatment options conventional medicine has to offer scoliosis (watch & wait, hard bracing, medications,, pain injections and surgery) and you think “There’s got to be something else?” then you want to listen to this.

SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

Dynamic bracing is only part of the solution. Clinical research has shown that Combination Scoliosis Therapy that includes both bracing and specific scoliosis exercises as part of a corrective movement therapy program has the greatest benefits with an incredible 96% success rate! We provide the only scoliosis treatment in Los Angeles that combines both dynamic bracing and scoliosis exercises.

What are scoliosis specific exercises?

Nu- Schroth Scoliosis Exercises

Nu-Schroth are exercises are specifically designed to lengthen and strengthen the weakened muscle on the inside of the curve to help stabilize the spine and reduce scoliosis curvatures.

How do you know if our type of corrective movement scoliosis treatment is right for you or your child? 

Call us today and speak to one of our scoliosis specialists to find out if alternative scoliosis treatment in Los Angeles is right for you. Call (818)945-0736 for a Free Phone Consultation.

Don’t wait any longer. You don’t want to miss this narrow window of opportunity before it closes and it’s too late. Call now and start getting ahead of your curves today!


Dr. Ron MarinaroDr. Ron Maranaro, D.C.

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